Ritsona’s e-school

SolidarityNow’s Ritsona e-school

This is our blog, our new ‘classroom’ and it’s going to be such a fun lesson!


واجبات منزلية // کار خانگی

At the beginning of every week we will upload exercises for you. Click on homework, find your group and practice.

Femaly Friendly Space Facebook Group

Female Friendly Space Ritsona joins Facebook! Women and teenage girls above 16 yrs old can join us.

المساحة المخصصة للنساء تنضم الی فيس بوك! يمكن للنساء والفتيات المراهقات فوق سن ۱٦ سنة الانضمام الينا.

فضای دوستانه زنان در ریتسونا به فیس بوک می پیوندد زنان و دختران نوجوان بالای 16 سال می توانند به ما بپیوندند.

Ideas for home activities for parents & children

فِكَر لنشاطات منزلية للأهل و الأطفال // نظرات برای فعالیت های خانگی برای والدین و فرزندان

Staying at home can be boring, but we have some ideas for you to make the home-time super fun instead!

Staying safe during Corona

در طول ویروس کورونا ایمن باشید.// البقاء بأمان خلال كورونا

We don’t like Coronavirus but let’s do our best to stay strong and safe! We have some tips for you here.

SolidarityNow’s podcast

پادکست سولیداریتی نو// تسجيلات سوليداريتي ناو

Do you know that you can listen to us via podcast? Download the application Anchor, sit comfortably and enjoy listening to your teachers. We have many stories to tell you about!

About you & us

Covid-19 made us close the doors of our classrooms until it’s safe to return back to normal.

But we, the teachers; Elena, Glykeria, Lefteris and Eva, want to be with you, the students.

We want you to use a smartphone or borrow one from your parents and explore this blog, because this is going to be our ‘classroom’ for a while, and it’s made with so much love!

Get In Touch

Follow the blog and get notifications whenever we upload more materials for you.

Ah! And don’t forget our podcast!

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